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AutoDate was made with a clear mission to find love online, but in a MUCH QUICKER and FUN way than conventional online dating.

My name is Adam L. and I’m originally from the East Coast and now I find myself on the beautiful beaches of LA experiencing this city for it’s finest attractions.

When I moved here and saw the way the online game is being played, I decided I wanted to crack the rubicks Cube of online dating and figure out a way to automate the entire experience.

There’s just way too much to do here in California other than sitting in front of a computer trying to online date.

Meeting girls at bars sucks and no one wants to just approach randoms on the street and act like a douche bag.

Most of my friends are back East so the referral system is a little  low, so I needed a way of continuously attracting the right women without sacrificing my time or wallet.

It’s ridiculous how much money you can spend at a bar JUST to talk to a few girls every night.

Let me tell you something; I figured out a way to talk and meet more girls in 60 seconds than I could going to bars every night for the last 15 years.

MEET AutoDate:

Using technology mixed with expert marketing language, it’s possible to scale your online dating experience and attract 1000’s of potential partners.

When you use AutoDate,  you’ll be incessantly asked on dates and will have unsolicited messages sent to you from women that want to get to know you more.

By using this, you don’t have to rely on the seemingly witty messages that typically come off as cheesy.


Once I cracked this code, I was completely bombarded with messages beyond comprehension.  Most of these messages were women’s phone numbers and requests for dates. I kid you not and I will show you the messages if you want.

Put it this way, I got more messages in about 24 hours than I received in three years on all the most popular dating sites. I definitely tried hard to get dates those last three years, too.

Seriously, there is an abundant amount of potential mates that are perfect for you, but the algorithms of these online dating sites rely on both parties filling out the questioners or profiles perfectly to be found.

This is different.  And it requires you to not be a douche bag and use these tools for easy targets.  That’s unacceptable.

I challenge algorithms vs. good old fashioned physical chemistry any day.  Using Auto Date, you’re going to be able to make the physical connections occur more frequently which will give you the ability to have choices in your mate without the concern of scarcity.

If you want to see how well just a couple minutes of my time did, check out my free Auto Date Report.  It’s pretty ridiculous.


AutoDate will get you more dates in 5 minutes than in 5 years.

Adam L.

Co-Founder of Auto Date, OKAutoDate


Want to see how I got hundreds of dates in about 60 Seconds? Download this mindmap that literally got me dates when I was surfing.

Grab this easy to follow mind map on how I got over 100 Dates in about 5 minutes.

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Seriously Bro!

This isn't some crazy bullsh*t story. I used technology to scale and automate my ENTIRE dating experience.  All I did was load a couple features on my computer, press a button, and I watched dates basically lining up on their own. It attracted the right girl and now I'm truly happy, because I was able to be selective in a good way.

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