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Online dating wasn’t anything new to me. I think 2012 is when I joined, but before that, I was tire kicking the old school sites like Match and Jdate.

I’m talking early ’06-’07, so it was at a time when social media started really ramping up.

Online dating was still kind of new back then, and you were almost guaranteed to find mostly sketchy people with a bruised past.

In other words, I thought it was pretty lame. I had always just done better in real life versus online dating so I never got too serious about meeting anyone.

When OKCupid came along, I think it changed the game immensely. Online dating became FUN. It no longer was too serious, overflowing with people trying to desperately cling together for one more bout of love before they die.

This was more my speed. More hopeful. It’s almost like going to a bar. You could superficially peruse the faces and easily connect with any number of people whom you thought were interesting, or just wait and hope someone approaches you because you’re a pu**y. Just like real life 🙂

Mobile tied everything together because unlike messages that stayed dormant in inboxes for days, Online Dating communication became as natural as a text

It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles, California until I learned the power of this.

I was finally in a really good place having moved into the house I’ve dreamed of since I was 5 years old. I’ve always wanted to live near the beach in California and stare into the Pacific on a daily basis. I finally had that, but I had no girl.

It was time to find her. But How?

For the last year and a half I worked for an Internet Marketing company called App Empire and I learned the art of writing influential copy and using words to direct readers attentions. I was enamored by this to learn words had such meaning.

We also spent a lot of time also understanding how to dominate online marketplaces, like the Apple Itunes App Store, in order to get massive amounts of traffic sent to your app.

After learning all this stuff, I started thinking these online dating sites were more like digital marketplaces and less like social media sites.

When I made this realization some really crazy shit happened. I knew I needed “converting copy” in my profile. What’s this? Converting copy is what we call in the Internet Marketing world as copy that you read and you’re automatically sold on a product.

Quite frankly, anyone who is a potential buyer will become a kinetic buyer just by reading words.

This kind of seemed crazy at first, but with a big enough scale, you could find a tremendous amount of buyers who are completely sold on your product.

Well it worked for the online dating marketplace too. Just by forming my profile correctly, I was able to get close to a thousand women message me about how amazing my profile was and how they wanted to meet me.

I’m not going to lie, I put in some real time with my profile, but I was able to nail it, and get a ton of dates without doing anything other than the following:

1. Be yourself. Make sure your buyers know who you are.
At this age we all have a story to tell. In my profile, I talked about the area I grew up in and how that shaped who I am today. How are you different? How are you unique?

2. Make your buyers imagine.
Describe elements of your story in vivid detail so people can imagine your thoughts in their heads. This is the key to getting in someone’s head. Most of the time when people buy normal products, it’s because they’ve already imagined themselves using the products.

3. Show that you’ve overcome a challenge.
You need to prove that you’ve accomplished something in your life. This is a litmus test for anyone that shows you’re a hero in your own way.

4. Show that you’re the things you say you are.
According to our profile We all think we’re witty, smart, and funny. You need to incorporate these attributes into your profile. Not just say it.

5. Scale the fu*k out of your profile.
Once and only once you’ve nailed 1-4, you can start working on bringing traffic to your profile and making you more dates. Once this happens, you will start getting messages from buyers at an alarming rate.

I made a report here to show you some actual numbers I got from doing above stuff.

Good luck with your dating!


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This isn't some crazy bullsh*t story. I used technology to scale and automate my ENTIRE dating experience.  All I did was load a couple features on my computer, press a button, and I watched dates basically lining up on their own. It attracted the right girl and now I'm truly happy, because I was able to be selective in a good way.

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